Navigate the Grants and Funding Maze; A one-stop shop

 You are probably aware that there are organisations in the area willing to offer you financial assistance in the

form of grants and external funding.

But which ones apply to your unique set of circumstances? Are they for capital plant and machinery, or

manpower? Are they for innovation or workforce training? Are they for collaborative initiatives, or just to

improve your business? Are they for UK business, or for European partnerships and export potential? And

when you know all that, how do you apply?

This event is designed to answer all these questions. If you need external financial assistance – and we

all do at some stage of our business growth cycle– then this is the one-stop shop which will clarify the

confusion, and steer you confidently through the maze. We will help you to find that right partner with

access to the funding that precisely matches the needs of your organisation.


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BAWA Club Conference Venue
589 Southmead Rd,

Start date
Start time
9:00 am

End date
End time
2:30 pm


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Member Price
£65 + VAT
Non Member Price
£85 + VAT

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