Unique research and test facilities available for hire, suitable for an extensive range of industries.

Innovative design from cutting edge deep space technology, through to life support systems for high altitude adventure. Development engineering for high altitude technology, space systems and equipment. Unique research and testing facilities available for hire to an extensive range of industries.

Elson Space comprises a team of engineers and technicians backed by a well-equipped fabrication / machine shop to facilitate a wide range of research and development projects.

Andy Elson is a leading expert on High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS), both fixed-wing and Lighter than Air. In 2002 Elson and his team, in association with Chris Kelleher, designed the first Zephyr solar powered, unmanned plane. In 2014, Elson founded Astigan, a fixed-wing HAPS project based in the SW.

As a fervent champion of High Altitude Pseudo Satellite technologies, Andy Elson recently founded the Near Space Group, whose worldwide membership comprises manufacturers, suppliers and end-use customers. The NSG's focus is to encourage the HAPS industry to work together in facing the challenges of becoming a global industry


A unique range of research and test facilities are available. These include 3 x Hypobaric Chambers, one of which – the UK’s largest civilian altitude testing chamber – can operate to a maximum altitude of 140,000 feet / 45,000m (near Space). This impressive resource offers safe and efficient testing of equipment and manned altitude trials.

Products and services

The UK’s largest civilian altitude test chamber available for wide-ranging research and test projects.

Large Hypobaric Chamber specification:
2.6 m diameter
20 m long (8.5 x 65 ft)
Lowest pressure – 200 Pascals (1.5 Torr), equivalent to an altitude of 42 500 m (140 000 ft)
The chamber includes penetrations for electrical, fluid, gaseous and data connections
Typical uses:
Equipment calibration and testing for high altitude use
Testing engines and generators
Manned altitude trials

Small Hypobaric Specification:
1 m diameter
1.5 m long (3.3 x 5 ft)
Lowest pressure – 50 Pascals (0.375 Torr)
Chamber includes penetrations for electrical, fluid and data connections
Typical uses:
High altitude equipment and computer testing

Data logging of tests is conducted via our extensive range of National Instruments equipment.

Cold test facility laboratory freezer of L 1.8m x D 0.7m x W 0.5m which can be set from ambient to minus 86 degrees centigrade in 1 degree increments. For colder tests ESE is equipped to use liquid nitrogen.

Alongside the above services, ESE offers a fully equipped office / meeting room with refreshments:
Flip chart, whiteboard + markers
Water, tea, coffee
Telephone with speaker-phone function
Snack services available
Use of an LCD projector and screen if required

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