Ontic, part of the BBA Aviation group of companies, manufactures and supports mature & legacy components systems to all aerospace sectors. Through licensing or acquisition, Ontic delivers OEM-pedigree parts and accessories and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) at it's production and repair facilities in USA, UK and Singapore.










Provides new manufacture of end item assemblies and parts, as well as repair and overhaul services for mature aerospace platforms, under license or acquisition, allowing OEMs to focus on current and future programmes
Fast growing portfolio of more than 4,000 end item assemblies plus their associated components
Capabilities include:
*  Avionics, electronics, fuel, hydraulics, electromechanical, heat transfer and power
*  Major systems including landing gear, fuel measurement, engines and APUs
*  Operating under the ONTIC brand
*  Long-term OEM relationships; key licensor customers: Goodrich, Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand
*  Large, diverse, global customer base; mix of civil and military
*  Locations in US, UK and Singapore





Products and services

Leading global provider of mature / legacy parts and repair & overhaul services

*  License or acquisition business model
*  Technical strength
*  Product focus and portfolio
*  IPR





Member details

Cleeve Business Park, Bishops Cleeve
GL52 8TW
0333 240 8600