RPI UK, the world’s leading specialist developer and manufacturer of precision positioning devices for high accuracy rotary and angular inspection systems, today (27 April) at Control signed formal contracts with two new distributors – Dantsin Technologies Ltd (China) and Master Service Metrology Group (Russia).

The two new distributors are part of a drive to recruit a global network of distributors and agents. The company is particularly looking for highly skilled companies in the USA, South America, Asia and Europe.

RPI products deliver high load, precision angular and rotational accuracy for a wide range of markets, specifically; aerospace, gas turbines, CMM, calibration and standards labs, universities, optics, scientific research, navigation & guidance systems, manufacturers of angular measuring devises, high value component, encoders, tilt sensors and precision gears.

The distributors will market RPI’s full product range as well as bespoke opportunities and be responsible for after-sales service:

•           LabStandard – sub arc second positional angular accuracy (> 0.00025 degrees) and precision geometry (> 0.5µm axial and radial runout) both horizontal and vertical axis;

•           LabStandardDuo – two axis, sub arc second positional angular accuracy (> 0.00025 degrees) and precision geometry (> 0.5µm axial and radial runout);

•           GeoOrdinate– large capacity, sub arc second positional angular accuracy (> 0.00025 degrees) and precision geometry (> 0.5µm axial and radial runout);

•           iMAP – Integrated Measurement and Assembly Platforms for the measurement and assembly of gas turbine, which significantly reduces expensive tear downs / re work and inspection times by up to 90%;

•           GeoInspec – an inspection system comprising a large rotary axis for sub-micron geometric inspection (> 0.1µm axial and radial runout);

•           AccuScan – portable circular geometry inspection system for very large Gas Turbine Rotor inspection.

•           CMM – rotary tables specifically designed to deliver fast and accurate positioning and rotation for Coordinate Measuring Machine applications.

Peter Marchbank, RPI’s managing director, said: “There are no other rotary tables anywhere in the world that the can handle high loads to sub arc second and sub-micron accuracy which is needed in so many high tech industries. We welcome Dantsin Technologies Ltd and Master Service Technology as expert partners in our drive to increase our exports. Both companies have the technical capabilities and knowledge of the local market to deliver high sales in Russia and China, and we look forward to building relationships in these countries.”

Henry Zhao from Dantsin said: “The Chinese aerospace and automotive industries have been growing at breakneck speed. With RPI’s rotary tables, we will help these industries to achieve higher levels of quality, making their engineering systems more effective and efficient.”

Maxim Kanevsky, CEO of Master Service Metrology Group, added: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the Russian metrology industry. We can help ensure sub arc second accuracy and precision, which is exactly what our advanced engineering company’s need.”






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