The UK Government and GE Aviation are pleased to announce a UK Engines Supplier Showcase to GE Aviation in Cincinnati on 21 or 22 April (TBC).


Due to the tight timescales, we ask you to submit your completed Capability Brochure AND Commodity Matrix by Friday 7th Feb. This gives us enough time to review your submission and provide advice on how it may be improved in order to increase the likelihood of GE inviting you to participate


GE has highlighted machining, fabrication, composites and additive manufacturing as particular areas of interest as well as the following strategic needs:

  • V&V of whole engine design
  • MFS blisk capability & capacity
  • Disk quality powder
  • IAT-free Isothermal forging capability
  • High performance computing – optimisation & simulation tools
  • Opportunity in aftermarket – through-life service/sustainment
  • Titanium leading edge aluminium ‘composite’ fan blades
  • UK engine control technology
  • Semi-integrated propulsion system for geared architecture, including for wide-Body
  • Composites fancase and blades
  • Advanced HP turbine technology
  • CFRP fibre, ALM/Ti & Ni alloy supply
  • Additive Layer manufacture
  • Develop engine controls technology for future application
  • Hybrid powerplant propulsion
  • Fully integrated propulsion systems for narrow-body
  • Geared architecture of narrow-body
  • Power electronics/machines
  • SIC CMC’s for turbine statics (incl. raw material)
  • Novel propulsion architecture


If you have technology, products or services which you think will be of interest to GE Aviation’s engines business, either because it matches one of the needs above OR you know, from your own market/customer analysis, that it has application within GE, then please submit a description of your capabilities so we can offer it to GE within the UK Capability Brochure


Your submission will be treated in confidence and will only be shared with GE Aviation within the Capability Brochure for the purposes of the mission.


Please find a description of the event together with all the information you need to apply linked below:

UK Engine Supplier Showcase 2020 for GE Final

UK Supplier Showcase Commodity Matching Matrix Blank

UK Supplier Event Timeline GE 2020 Final

Brochure Vitreous Mock-Up GE Final

Brochure Blank GE Aviation


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