These awards are for outstanding contributions to aerospace in the south west, and the ceromony will take place on 28 June 2017 at Bristol Museum during the Awards Dinner. Nominations close on 9 June 2017

So who are the Best Ambassadors of Aerospace in the South West? This is your chance to nominate and celebrate!

There are six award categories which are listed here along with a link to the nomination criteria for each award. There are no limits to the number of nominations you can make.

Design Engineer Ambassador Award
For someone who has shown initiative and ingenuity in designing something innovative with impressive outcomes, whether mechanical, electronic, electrical, or hydro-pneumatic. Or for someone who has found a radical solution with new materials to make an aircraft safer, lighter, environmentally friendly and more reliable.
Nomination criteria Best Aerospace Design Engineer
Young Aerospace Entrant Ambassador Award
To be given to an apprentice or new graduate who has demonstrated significant early promise within their first two years at your company and is surely on the fast-track to greatness.
Nomination criteria Best Young Aerospace Entrant
Aerospace Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Ambassador Award
This award recognises diversity & inclusion, an awareness that we do not have to be a stereotypical individual in the aerospace industry to succeed and to be influential. No matter their race, religion, gender, sexuality or physical ability, the award recipient will have demonstrated that they have broken the mould, that they are not content with being a minority and will have made a significant contribution to the industry to drive it forward.
Nomination criteria Best representative of Diversity
Heritage Aerospace Ambassador Award
Would you like to recognise someone who is no longer with us, but has contributed to progress within our sector? This will ensure that the Aerospace Sector fully understands and appreciates our common history.
Nomination criteria Heritage Aerospace Ambassador Award
Aerospace ‘Call of Duty Ambassador Award’ (Customer Service Award)
This is intended to applaud the individuals who have worked late into the night and at weekends, or given up family holidays, in order to ensure that a key programme remains on track, or that a valued customer remains satisfied against the odds. We all know someone who has shown this level of selfless dedication.
Nomination criteria Best Aerospace ‘Call of Duty Ambassador Award’
Aerospace Media Ambassador Award (Short film)
For a film of 5 to 30 minutes in length, on an aerospace subject, which educates us, entertains us, amazes us and makes us feel proud.
Nomination criteria Best Aerospace Media Ambassador Award

Once you are happy that your nominee meets the criteria and you are ready to make your nomination(s), click on “Complete the Nomination Form here”
to submit your official nomination and we will do the rest!

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Guidelines for Nomination are available here NOMINATION FORM GUIDELINES

The closing date for nominations is Friday the 9th of June 2017

Good luck to you, and especially to the person of whom you are justifiably proud!

Written by Weaf

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