WEAF Services

Becoming a member of WEAF provides many benefits that support your business and the aerospace industry as a whole.


  • Championing aerospace in the South West and one of the largest aerospace alliances in Europe
  • Representing the interests of the South West aerospace community and able to influence key decision makers in industry, government and academia
  • Providing a voice for SMEs to ensure effectiveness in the supply chain academia


  • Business improvement and professional development services covering business, skills, innovation and technology
  • Marketing and support services covering exhibitions, material and administration
  • Offering a wide variety of high quality events
  • Helping SMEs understand the international and domestic market the industry


  • Connectivity and networking through member and business partnerships
  • Bringing industry stakeholders together to provide one cohesive community
  • Helping to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the supply chain 
  • An enabler, facilitating the pace and growth of the industry

WEAF Projects

WEAF continually seeks to deliver and support key projects vital to the future sustainability and growth of the aerospace sector, both nationally and in the South West.

Projects are normally either part of the national Aerospace Growth Partnership strategy and agenda, focusing on Technology, Skills, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Competitiveness, or can be part of Local Enterprise Partnerships funded activities, which WEAF helps to align with the national aerospace strategy.

Currently, WEAF collaborates within the Federation, consisting of ADS and the other Regional Aerospace Alliances to deliver two specific projects in the South West –  Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21) and the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP).

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SC21 is a continuous recognition and improvement programme for the UK’s aerospace and defence industry.

The programme ensures that all companies use the same business tools and processes, thereby boosting the efficiency of the existing Nadcap and AS/EN9100 accreditations, and raising the performance and proficiency of the supply chain.

In doing so, organisations can aspire to achieve a process-based quality management system, attain a respected industry qualification and win more business as a result.

WEAF supports you every step of the way: from agreeing a set working guidelines with key customers or suppliers and assessing current performance, to creating an improvement plan and implementing the changes. 

We work with funding bodies to ensure that participating companies can maximise any financial support that is available. Our offer includes:

  • Starter package: 3-6 days depending on company size
  • Bronze package: 3-6 days to create a submission for a bronze award
  • Silver package: 4-6 days to create a submission for a silver award
  • Gold package: Days to be agreed on a company basis
  • Mentoring packages: As required, based on individual needs

For further information, please visit: www.sc21.org.uk

SC21 rewards willingness to understand customers’ needs, a desire to boost supply chain productivity and an ability to make your company more appealing to stakeholders.

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The National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) is designed to cultivate a supply chain that is rich in new technology and highly innovative.

Developed by the Aerospace Growth Partnership, the initiative aims to support SMEs by helping them to create their own pioneering technologies, enhance their capabilities and to increase their ability to win new business.

NATEP provides support in three ways:

  1. Funding
    The £40 million programme runs until September 2017 and hopes to fund 100 aerospace technology projects, produce new technologies for supply chain partnerships and, in turn, create new jobs.
  2. Collaboration
    Working across the supply chain using the tried and tested NATEP method, this structured process encourages innovation to emanate from the ‘bottom up’.
  3. Mentoring
    Panels of aerospace industry professionals and technology advisers are on-hand throughout England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to support the design and manufacturing of new technologies.

With the right products and services, at the right time and ahead of the competition, NATEP maximises market opportunities.

For further information, please visit: www.natep.org.uk

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