9 Reasons Why You Need To Attend DSEI

Published on: 26th June 2023

9 Reasons Why You Need To Attend DSEI

9 Reasons You Need To Attend DSEIDSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) is one of the world’s leading defence and security exhibitions in the UK. There are several reasons why attending DSEI will be beneficial:


1. Networking Opportunities: DSEI attracts a wide range of participants from the defence and security industry, including government officials, military personnel, industry professionals, and technology innovators. Attending the event provides an excellent opportunity to network with key decision-makers, potential clients, and industry experts.

2. Showcase of Cutting-Edge Technology: DSEI features a vast exhibition showcasing the latest advancements in defence and security equipment, systems, and technologies. It allows attendees to explore a wide range of products and services across different sectors, including land, sea, air, and cybersecurity. It’s an opportunity to see firsthand the latest innovations and gain insights into the future of the industry.

3. Business Development: DSEI serves as a platform for business development, providing a forum for companies to engage in negotiations, discuss partnerships, and explore potential collaborations. It can lead to valuable contracts, joint ventures, and investment opportunities.

4. Industry Insights and Knowledge Sharing: The event hosts a series of conferences, seminars, and workshops where industry experts and thought leaders share their insights and discuss key topics and challenges facing the defence and security sector. Attending these sessions can provide valuable knowledge, updates on industry trends, and access to expert opinions.

5. International Reach: DSEI attracts participants and exhibitors from around the world, making it a truly international event. This global presence offers opportunities for international collaboration, export opportunities, and access to new markets.

6. Government and Defence Engagement: DSEI provides a platform for government officials, defence agencies, and military organisations to engage with industry stakeholders. It allows policymakers to understand the latest technological advancements, identify potential suppliers, and explore defence and security solutions.

7. Product Demonstrations: DSEI often includes live demonstrations of various defence and security technologies and equipment. These demonstrations offer a unique chance to witness the capabilities of different systems and understand their practical applications.

8. Membership Opportunities: Get to meet and mix with influential buyers and suppliers exclusively invited to DSEI. WEAF can give you signposts into companies to help you get your foot through the door however, the best way to meet the professionals in the supply chain developing opportunities and innovation is through networking and face to face meetings. Why not book onto the next WEAF event to build relationships and make advantageous connections. 

9. Access the WEAF Network Portal: The WEAF Network Portal is an innovative supply chain collaboration and intelligence platform that streamlines inter-company communication and securely captures multi-tier supply chain intelligence so that organisations can increase network competitiveness. Register on the WEAF Network Portal today to discover collaboration opportunities and capability searches.


It’s worth noting that attending DSEI requires planning, registration, and potentially travel arrangements, depending on your location. It’s essential to review the event’s website, schedule, and exhibition details to determine if it aligns with your specific goals and interests.


Meet the WEAF team

Visit WEAF at the DSEI Manufacturing Hub Pod21, on the 12-15 September, ExCel.

Prime contractors rely on keeping up to date with the latest skills and technology to deliver complex manufacturing programmes, and the Manufacturing Hub facilitates this by showcasing the latest breakthrough products and technologies.

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With strategic partnerships with MAKE UK Defence and MTC, the Manufacturing Hub will support and engage with the UK’s defence manufacturers and wider defence supply chain. For SMEs attending DSEI for the first time, you will not be disappointed with the footfall of decision makers within the Air, Space, Land, Naval, Security, Cyber and Joint that will allow you to reach new heights and new audiences.