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WEAF Network Portal

Meet the powerful and innovative WEAF Network Portal

IN A NUTSHELL – The WEAF Network Portal is an innovative supply chain collaboration and intelligence platform that streamlines inter-company communication and securely captures multi-tier supply chain intelligence so that organisations can increase network competitiveness.


Connected Networks

The WEAF Network Portal is an intelligent business-to-business networking platform, developed through our Innovate UK funded programme, powered by Valuechain, and developed with partners Rail Midlands Forum and North East Automotive Alliance.

This new digital tool not only allows you to locate and connect with Suppliers, Customers, Research and Development Partners (which will be advantageous when you need seamlessly collaborate) but also connects with the wider regional advanced engineering network to help you find new alternative suppliers.

The cluster search system has been designed for ease of use among procurement and engineering professionals enabling you quickly pin point a businesses capabilities and exactly who you need to speak to to get the job done.

The new Network Portal will position WEAF as the first regional industry association to host its cluster on this type of cross sector networking platform.

WEAF Digital Productivity Assessment

As a member you will also get free access to your personalised Digital Productivity Assessment. 

The assessment should take around 30-minutes and you will get the most benefit from it if you can answer as honestly as possible. Upon completion, you will be given access to your personalised digital priorities that will guide through what is required, benchmarking, a heat map, and a PDF with your all priorities clearly marked.


Please note that only WEAF member’s have a login to the Network Portal, if you would like to find out more about having FULL ACCESS please contact the WEAF team on enquiries@weaf.co.uk



Why have access to the WEAF Network Portal?

  • Network with other members and build relationships
  • Find fellow members in the comprehensive members directory
  • Promote your services/capabilities and attract new clients
  • Search and connect with the wider regional advanced engineering network
  • Promote your products and services to new markets
  • Manage, update and enhance your company profile from a secure online platform
  • Through the platform’s innovative ‘Capability search’ you will be able to easily locate and connect with Suppliers, Customers, Research and Development Partners based on your unique needs
  • Cluster search system design for ease of use for procurement and engineering professionals
  • Provides regional information, supply chain insight to geopolitical stakeholders and aids export B2B engagement/networking
  • Seamlessly connect both within the WEAF network and wider cross sector networks
  • Post potential requests to find new alternative suppliers
  • Gain latest news from Industry Leaders
WEAF Network Portal
WEAF Network Portal

Thank you to our project partners Rail Forum, North East Automotive Alliance, FitFactory, Valuechain and Innovate UK

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