As Fine Tubes Approaches its 70th Anniversary Demand Continues to Rise for Their Products and Services

Published on: 26th June 2013

Fine Tubes celebrates 70 years in the metal tube fabrications industry and continues to develop new processing routes for materials in an ever-challenging market.

As a key player in the aerospace, medical, chemical process, nuclear, power and oil and gas sectors, the last 70 years have seen some incredible innovations. Fine Tubes’ projects range from working on Concorde in the 1960s, to creating thousands of kilometres of tubing for Skylon (the world’s first reusable space plane), to being one of only a handful of tube mills worldwide qualified to produce the titanium tubing used for the high pressure hydraulic system of the Airbus A380.

Outside of aerospace, the company has also designed and manufactured tubing for Gemasolar, the first commercial solar power plant in Spain; and for CERN’s Large Hadron Collider which aims to recreate the conditions that existed at the beginning of our universe.

Ronen Day, Managing Director at Fine Tubes said: “We have come a long way since the business started back in 1943. At that time, the products we made were aimed at more commercial markets. However, due to the nature of the industries we work with, the technical demands on the products are very high. They have to work in a variety of tough environments (from outer space to deep under the sea) and so need to be durable and light, able to perform at extremely hot or cold temperatures, and sometimes under high pressure.”

Mr Day continued: “We always aim to exceed what is required in the performance of our products and we very often work with our clients to create something totally unique for them, which will answer their technical challenges.”

Brand new products are now inspiring new customers to place their trust in Fine Tubes’ tireless efforts across several industries. Its process model of Definition, Planning, Manufacture and Delivery is fed by constant research and development which allows the company to be as knowledgeable when making custom tubes for nuclear power stations as it is in aerospace and medical.