Free Guide for Managers on Leading by Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Published on: 3rd August 2016

Managers seeking to boost productivity and quality by introducing a continuous improvement process (CIP) will be interested in a new white paper from Forcam, one of the worlds most experienced suppliers of manufacturing execution systems (MES). The paper introduces the concept of true overall equipment effectiveness OEE and shows how every member of the production team can be provided with customised and objective real-time data that will improve performance.
The paper is accessible directly from the Forcam web site at, where there are additional resources that managers can use to improve team knowledge. The company is also keen to discuss implementation of MES systems with companies that are engaged with the concept and a meeting with and expert can be arranged by calling 01788 247123.
Andrew Steele, Forcam UK managing director, explained, “Higher performance starts with sound benchmark data. This requires a complete and transparent view of the manufacturing process. Forcam Force gathers and analyses this big data from the shop floor in real time, presenting it to plant managers, supervisors and operators on a desktop in an understandable and actionable format. It provides the benchmark from which to manage CIP. This key real-time data can also be streamed directly into SAP or other ERP systems for better overall management of the business.
Reports from the system highlight discrepancies between potential and actual performance in key performance areas such as plant utilisation, process speed and quality yield. Taken together these three factors are the building blocks for true OEE.
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