Monthly Member’s Spotlight: Helander Precision Engineering

Published on: 1st July 2024





We’re delighted to announce that this month’s Member spotlight goes to Helander Precision Engineering

Helander specialises in the machining of complex high precision and mission critical components to the world’s leading OEMs and sub-tiers across the defence, oil and gas, aerospace, space and nuclear sectors.

With a core focus on hard metals including stainless steels, titanium and high yield super alloys, Helander typically machines components across propulsion, actuation and control system platforms, acting as both a tactical offload and strategic partner to its customers; from product / prototype development into series production.

Helander is part of the Calder Group, a specialist engineering and lead engineering, manufacture and distribution group with a global customer base and sales of circa €200m per annum. Headquartered in the UK, the group has nine operating subsidiaries across Europe with 740 employees.