KYOCERA Cutting Tool Inserts in New Coated Carbide Grades Improve Cast Iron Machining

Published on: 17th November 2016

New CA3 Series and K Series chipbreakers maximize performance from rough cutting to finishing

Kyoto/Neuss – Kyocera Corporation (President: Goro Yamaguchi) announced today that it has developed a new line of indexable cutting tool inserts to improve cast iron machining. Made from new grades of CVD coated-carbide materials, Kyocera’s CA3 Series and chipbreaker K Series inserts offer significant improvements in machining cast iron components for automobiles, industrial machinery and many other heavy-duty applications. The new inserts address rising demand for metalworking tools that can deliver stable machining performance over a wide range of cutting conditions.kyocera_cutting_tool_inserts_in_new_coated_carbide_grades_improve_cast_iron_machining-cps-46782-image-cpsarticle


Carbide inserts with new coatings and chipbreaker geometries (clockwise top left: KQ, KG, KH)
The CA3 Series uses a newly developed CVD coating with a pink-gold finish over a carbide base metal. Kyocera has improved the adhesion strength of the coating layers to ensure longer tool life and consistent processing of cast iron. Further, newly designed blade-edge shapes on the new chipbreakers maximize performance even under high-load machining.
Three types of new materials and chipbreakers are available to address all aspects of cast iron machining, from rough cutting to finishing. Kyocera will continue to develop optimal insert grades to maximize users’ productivity in diverse cutting conditions.