MRPeasy Celebrates 300 Small Manufacturing Clients in the UK

Published on: 24th April 2023

MRPeasy Celebrates 300 Small Manufacturing Clients in the UK, 1300 Worldwide

MRPeasy, a trusted provider of manufacturing ERP software for small manufacturers, is proud to announce that it has reached the significant milestone of having 300 clients in the UK and 1,300 worldwide.


MRPeasy is a cloud-based ERP/MRP platform provider for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

An increasing number of small manufacturers are turning to MRP software

MRPeasy, the cloud-based software provider for small and medium-sized manufacturers, is excited to announce that it has hit the important milestone of having 300 customers in the UK. This is an impressive achievement that comes only a year and a half after reaching the 200 customer mark, and it is clear that more and more manufacturers are seeing the benefits of MRPeasy’s affordable and user-friendly ERP/MRP platform. MRPeasy’s success isn’t just limited to the UK, however, as they’ve also recently chalked up 1,300 customers worldwide.

“It’s not a secret that UK manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized ones, are in a precarious position right now due to both global and local economic circumstances,” says Sara Duff, UK Business Development Manager at MRPeasy. “But data also shows that small manufacturers are increasingly turning to inventory management and production planning software such as MRPeasy to make their processes more efficient and cost-effective. Reaching 300 clients in the UK only confirms this and we are very happy to provide this support to UK manufacturers.”

Clients laud the ease-of-use and comprehensive functionality

The users of the software are also singing its praises, with many stating how easy it is to master compared to other comparable systems.

“I set up bills of materials and products in around a week and then spent a day with each department training them on how to do things in MRPeasy,” Kate Taylor, CS Executive at MicroCapture states.

“Previously, I had bought an MRP system for £12,000 and couldn’t get it to work even with help from several project managers and outside consultants,” says Ralph Jones, Director of Britannia 2000 Holdings. “I set up MRPeasy myself and it was that easy.”

But it’s not just the ease of use and affordability that’s attracting manufacturers to MRPeasy, as the functionality present in the software is often considered to be on par with many times more expensive systems.

“Most ERP systems are big and quite expensive and so MRPeasy stood out from the start,” Andy Nancollis, Founder of Motion Impossible says. “While very affordable, it still manages to offer everything we need, and with plenty of room for us to grow into. This seems to be quite unique to MRPeasy.”

Another important feature of MRPeasy is the traceability it provides to manufacturers working in highly regulated industries. Each incoming lot of materials is automatically assigned a unique code, which is later used to track which products that specific lot was used in. This allows for effective quality management as well as easy product recalls and write-offs.

“After 6 months of using MRPeasy, SGS (an industry-leading certification company) came in to undertake the certification audit and we passed without a single non-conformance,” says Paul Watson, MD of MPW Precision. “In the report, SGS specifically commented on how good MRPeasy was with traceability.”

Average performance improved by 54% using MRPeasy ERP system

At the heart of the modern manufacturing operation is an ERP/MRP platform, which integrates all the data and activity around production planning and execution, stocks and inventories, customers and orders, suppliers and purchases, costs, and finances. MRPeasy offers all this and more, making it an indispensable tool for manufacturing businesses looking to take their operations to the next level.

With MRPeasy, manufacturers can automate many of the manual data-entry tasks and clerical processes, freeing up time to focus on creating high-quality products. Integrating all of the vital areas of a manufacturing business, the software gives managers a clear real-time overview of everything happening in the business while providing workers with personal production calendars and task notifications. MRPeasy also syncs with Xero and QuickBooks accounting systems and provides native integrations with various other apps, such as e-commerce and fulfillment platforms, to significantly expand its core functionality.

“Our recent customer survey showed that, on average, the overall performance of our clients has improved by 54% since implementing MRPeasy, along with a 42% increase in on-time deliveries,” Duff says.

MRPeasy’s success in the UK is a testament to its commitment to making manufacturing more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved. With 300 happy customers under its belt, it is clear that MRPeasy is a top pick for UK small manufacturers looking for a cost-effective and scalable ERP/MRP system.


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