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The National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) is a £20m programme to develop 80 aerospace technologies in the UK aerospace supply chain.

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A quick overview of the company.




Wavedrives is an RD&I-intensive micro-SME based in Somerset, expert in developing robots and prosthetics with natural movement. To overcome limitations of existing actuation technologies, Wavedrives has developed and patented a radical new electric actuation technology with non-contact transmission.

This Sarcomere Inspired Linear Actuation is attracting OEM customers with applications from bionic-prosthetics to aerospace and Wavedrives’ is focused on bringing SILA product to market.

How has NATEP impacted your success?

NATEP support has enabled Wavedrives to develop a larger, more powerful and robust SILA module in line with an Airbus provided utility actuator specification and to collaborate with experts from the University of Bristol (UoB) to evaluate and test the new actuator’s performance.

This project has provided a valuable first step towards proving this UK-patented, key enabling technology for wider use in Aerospace and has enabled a follow project with AIRBUS to develop SILA for a specific aerospace application [agreements being finalised]. By accelerating SILA industrialisation, it will also supports application of SILA more widely eg: through diverse products adopting SILA technology e.g. to benefit suppliers and users of innovative powered prosthetics, more environmentally sustainable transport and more energy efficient logistics.

How has your perception of NATEP changed since you’ve used it?

Our initial perception was of a long and formal process including multiple applications and an interview. However, the consistent support from our NATEP mentor and end user facilitated both the application process and project execution. In particular we have appreciated the sounding board provided by our NATEP mentor; his grounded and perceptive approach to problem solving and seamless collaboration with the innovate monitoring officer – all of which have helped us maximise project achievements.

Describe a few of the reasons you decided to use NATEP?

We had researched the opportunity for SILA in Aerospace; generated engineering interest from Airbus but there seemed no way for AIRBUS to fund a small initial project. NATEP was the obvious and only funding route as we could not fund the project ourselves.

How has NATEP impacted your core metrics?

We have advanced SILA TRL and MRL; increased SILA range of application by demonstrating a unit with significantly higher output force [in progress] and secured a follow-on project in Aerospace [in progress].

How do you measure the value NATEP provides?

NATEP has supported a very significant step forward in our commercialisation of SILA technology, which expands our accessible market and therefore should increase/help crystallise the value of SILA IP.

Are you likely to, or have you, recommended NATEP to a friend or colleague?

We would recommend NATEP and would hope for continuity of contact so we can access industry connections in due course.


A quick overview of Domin

Domin | WEAF




Domin are an SME specialising in the application of 21st century technology (eg. Additive Manufacturing) to create energy-efficient and class-leading digital motion products.

How has NATEP impacted your success?

NATEP has enabled us to develop high-risk, high-reward technologies that have the potential to enable more electric flight which we otherwise would not have been able to fund ourselves. In particular, the support provided by the Technology Manager has been critical in helping us secure larger grand funding, providing great guidance and support throughout.

How has your perception of NATEP changed since you’ve used it?

Not significantly – we were given great feedback on it by other companies and knew some of the individuals in the organisation already, so had high hopes that have since been met!

Describe a few of the reasons you decided to use NATEP?

SME-focussed, Technology Manager supported and with an appropriate level of reporting and monitoring.

How has NATEP impacted your core metrics?

We have increased our team by 4 to carry out NATEP work alone. We have secured a contract from a major aerospace manufacturer directly out of the project, with significant future value, and we have started our transformation to a credible aerospace Tier 2 supplier.

How do you measure the value NATEP provides?

Amount of funding, maturity of products developed.

Are you likely to, or have you, recommended NATEP to a friend or colleague?


NATEP feedback | WEAF
NATEP feedback | WEAF


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