UK/Chinese Collaboration on Gap Technology Development

Published on: 13th September 2016

The UK/China Government to Government Aerospace Working Group (AWG) orchestrated under the UK-China Joint Economic Trade Commission, working with Chinese and UK industry, has initiated a scoping study to identify potential Gap Technology projects that could be developed jointly between UK and Chinese industry. The AWG invites UK industry to submit projects ideas that maybe considered for initial pilot projects under this initiative.
A Gap Technology is defined as:
Technology that neither country has that if developed together would be mutually beneficial to UK and Chinese companies in the near term and improve participating company’s global competitiveness.
The Gap Technology considered under this initiative must therefore meet the following criteria;

  • Show clear benefit to both UK and China.
  • Represent technology / competences that benefit both parties.
  • Be compliant with UK and Chinese export controls.
  • Be applicable in the world market.
  • Favour Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4 and above.
  • Show respect for background IP ownership and for joint ownership of foreground IP.

The AWG is considering projects in the following areas;

  1. Advanced Materials and Process
  2. High Value Manufacturing
  3. Advanced Systems
  4. Aerodynamic Design
  5. Propulsion Systems (including; engine, cowling, engine mount, fire, electrical, air bleed etc.)

In addition, separate working groups will look at best practices in Human Resources and Airworthiness and Certification.
If you are interested in participating in this initiative, have ideas for projects or wish to be part of the Human Resources or Airworthiness and Certification working groups please contact before the 7th October 2016.