ADS and DBT launch UK Supplier Discovery Tours at Paris Air Show

Published on: 14th March 2023

ADS and DBT launch UK Supplier Discovery Tours at Paris Air Show

ADS and The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) are pleased to launch the UK Supplier Discovery Tours at the Paris Air Show where international customers will meet with a number of UK suppliers based on a matching of the customer’s needs with the supplier’s capabilities.

Boeing Supplier Showcase 2023

Image courtesy of Paris Air Show

Full instructions are contained in the PAS23 UK Supplier Discovery Tours – How to Join but here are the key points:

  • Review the customer & capability lists and describe one or more of your technologies, products or services in the Capability Statement Blank form
  • Tell us which customers would be interested in your capabilities by putting a X against them in the Customer Matching Matrix
  • Send the Capability form and Customer Matching Matrix to Chris Gane & Bill Peterson BY FRIDAY 7th APRIL
  • We will collate all the submissions, send them to the selected customers in a UK capability Brochure and ask them to decide which suppliers they wish to meet
  • We will work with you to set up the meetings either at the DBT meeting room in the UK Pavilion (if you are a visitor to the show) or on your stand (if you are an exhibitor)


Please send your submissions back to Chris Gane and copied to Bill Peterson by Friday 7th April

Key documents to complete capability submissions:


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