AERTEC Solutions showcases its military unmanned aerial platform at Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2015

Published on: 19th June 2015

The multinational engineering & consultancy firm AERTEC Solutions, specialised in the aerospace sector and present in the world’s largest aeronautical programmes is committed to diversification and specialisation with its business line dedicated to the design and development of embedded systems for the aerospace & defence sector.

The company takes part in Paris Airshow Le Bourget 2015, taking place June 15-21.
The firm is showcasing its TARSIS platform, a hi-tech lightweight tactical unmanned
aircraft (UAV/RPAS) designed for reconnaissance and surveillance missions, with
integrated micro-missiles.
TARSIS forms part of the firm’s portfolio of embedded systems solutions, along with
other innovations in guidance and control systems for unmanned aircraft.
This aerial platform is presented as a versatile, highly equipped solution, with the
possibility of different configurations and missions. It has a wingspan of 5.2 metres,
and is 2.9 metres long, and its operations can be developed using a conventional
runway or via catapult with parachutes & airbags. Some of the main characteristics of
TARSIS are: a maximum take-off weight of 65kg; a maximum payload of 12kg; and 
8-15 hours’ autonomy. Additionally, it can reach cruising speeds of up to 110 km/h, and it
is based on an internal combustion propeller engine, fed by batteries and an electrical generator.

“This is another step in the process of diversification in the aeronautical industry that
we have been developing over the last few years. We are certain that these new
products in the field of aerospace systems and aerial vehicles will be of interest to the
large firms and key players that will be at Le Bourget 2015”, comments Pedro Becerra,
Aerospace Director at AERTEC Solutions. The firm has reached this point having
gained experience and know-how through systems projects for clients such as Airbus,
Thales, OGMA-Embraer and the Spanish Ministry of Defence.
AERTEC Solutions, currently in an advanced stage of its internationalisation process,
also aims to strengthen its position at the event in Paris as an “innovator in
aeronautical industrialisation and manufacturing engineering, showcasing our
advances in the field which has come to be known as the Factory of the Future”, points
out David Doral, Manufacturing Engineering & Industry Director at the firm. In this
sense, the company presents some of its current advances in the optimisation of
engineering, manufacturing and assembly processes in the aerospace industry, along
with improving efficiency and safety through concepts such as automation, simulation
of production environments, remote assistance, haptic environments, sustainable
lighting, RFID environments, etc.

All of these new technological environments will allow AERTEC Solutions to access no
only new business niches linked to engineering, but also to new international markets
of strategic interest to the company” states Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, CEO of the