Third Dimension launches GapGun RX: Customisable and uniquely flexible inspection tool.

Published on: 19th June 2015

Third Dimension, a world leading developer and manufacturer of non-contact, precision profile measurement solutions, has today (Wednesday 17 June) launched a uniquely modular addition to the GapGun range, the GapGun RX.

GapGun RX harnesses the unique modular design of the GapGun range and allows customers to design a GapGun system precisely for their own needs by choosing from a wide range of hardware and software features.

The extensive range of features includes hardware and software options that can be chosen depending upon exactly how the system will be used.  This includes four types of sensor heads for different applications, as well as a diverse selection of accessories designed to make use quicker and easier in a wide range of uses.

Applications include; weld and seal inspection, inline gap and flush inspection, high precision edge break and chamfer measurement and many others.  Additionally, several measurement and reporting software modules are available. These allow data to be used in exactly the manner required to improve manufacturing efficiencies and enhance operator experience in a vast array of inspection scenarios.  

GapGun is a unique range of flexible and ergonomic profile measurement systems that use optical triangulation to measure gaps, shapes and forms incredibly accurately.

John Kane, Chief Business Development Officer of Third Dimension, said:  “We are extremely excited to present the GapGun RX which provides our customers with exactly the kind of flexibility that recognises the uniqueness of each manufacturing inspection challenge.  The modular design of the GapGun RX is quite unique we are delighted to be able to offer this level of flexibility to our customers."

Third Dimension has a long track record of supplying metrology equipment and services to the largest names in aerospace and automotive worldwide, such as Jaguar Landrover and Airbus. It has the capability to help manufacturers around the globe realise the benefits of non-contact measurement and can integrate seamlessly with customers’ own systems.