Airbus selects the AERTEC Solutions – AUSY consortium as a referenced supplier for manufacturing engineering services (ME3S).

Published on: 1st July 2014

Leading aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, has appointed the AERTEC solutions and AUSY partners as a referenced supplier for manufacturing engineering services. The partners have been awarded these contracts after a stringent selection process by Airbus for Manufacturing Engineering Services Strategic Suppliers (entitled ME3S), where a list of more than 100 contenders has been finally reduced to just 12.


AERTEC Solutions and AUSY will work as Tier One suppliers in the area entitled “Jigs and Tools / Machine and Automation”. They will provide engineering services for the manufacturing process, tooling and plant automation systems in all Airbus plants in Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Initial contracts have already commenced.



Complementary capabilities


AUSY and AERTEC Solutions provide Airbus with complementary skills and expertise, as well as a wider geographical footprint. Together the two companies will deliver a range of manufacturing and engineering solutions in both aerospace and defence. They will provide services in the different areas of manufacturing engineering, including industrialisation and assembly support together with other design and production support work on major Airbus programmes (A350, A380, A320 and A330). With locations close to all the Airbus plants, AUSY and AERTEC Solutions will offer efficient proximity support.



“Our selection as an engineering supplier for Airbus will provide us with a direct point of entry into the commercial aviation market, especially in the main Airbus commercial programmes. It will also consolidate the position of the company for this type of services and will offer new business and collaboration opportunities in other European countries”, pointed out Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, Managing Director of AERTEC Solutions.


Marc Maury, AUSY’s aerospace director, said: “Being an ME3S referenced supplier will certainly generate new areas for growth. We are happy to meet the challenge, and confident that our combined know-how in manufacturing engineering and experience in aeronautics will meet Airbus’ expectations, and reinforce our relationship in the future.”



Strong experience with Airbus


AERTEC Solutions has demonstrated its technical capabilities, industry know-how and experience in the aeronautical sector. The firm has extensive knowledge and a proven track record with Airbus Defence and Space in the A400M, A330MRTT, C295/CN235, EUROFIGHTER, ATLANTE, nEUROn programmes.


As an E2S referenced supplier, AUSY has strong experience in the aeronautic engineering field, encompassing a wide range of expertise on all major airbus programmes, from embedded software to design and stress, including cabins upgrades. AUSY has also demonstrated its capabilities to manage successful partnerships.