Aish Bridge the Gap Between Education and Industry

Published on: 30th August 2016

Aish Technologies, the Poole-based defence systems design and manufacturer, has become involved in a UK-wide STEM project to encourage school pupils to carry out engineering-based projects.
The scheme, called Go4SET, has been established by the Education Development Trust (EDT). The Trust delivers over 30,000 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) experiences each year, for young people age 11-21 across the UK. The Go4SET initiative links teams of six Year 8/9 pupils with employers and universities to offer a 10-week STEM project.
Chris Hoadley, Business Development Manager for Aish, became involved in the scheme as an assessor, and has just completed his first assessment in conjunction with the RNLI, BAE Systems and Bournemouth University. He comments:
“We first heard about this scheme when visiting one of our customers, the RNLI, and we met with the local EDT Manager. The scheme appealed to us immediately as Aish is very keen to further links between education and industry. With our very successful apprenticeship scheme, the Go4SET project will introduce Aish to a younger audience and help to stimulate an interest in Engineering as a career.”
In the recent assessment, Chris and the others looked at the Eco-Classroom projects carried out by Poole Grammar and Bournemouth Collegiate schools. In particular, the assessors looked at the team’s project writing, presentation, build quality of model and their Q+A skills.
The Go4SET project offers a number of benefits for both young people and employers, including understanding STEM application in a real-world setting, developing employability skills to help with future study and employment potential and helping companies to meet their corporate social responsibilities.
To find out more about Aish’s work with Go4SET please contact Aish Technologies on tel: 01202 307007 or visit
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