Altran receives Airbus ESW Recognition for Innovation in 2013

Published on: 18th December 2013

Altran has received recognition from Airbus ESW for its outstanding contribution to Innovation in 2013, for its work on AIRGEOM (Advanced Integrated Rapid Geometry Morphing Environment), a holistic and seamless environment for the deformation of aircraft structures, developed using CATIA V5. AIRGEOM enables the creation, visualisation and investigation of the shape of deformed structure. It also enables the migration of functionality from legacy knowledge-based systems to modern Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platforms.

The ‘Best Supplier’ announcement was made by Chris Voysey, Head of Business Management for Airbus Wing during the Airbus ESW Supplier Conference that took place in Bristol in late November and presented by Andrew Dibble (Aircraft Support Manager, Airbus ESW Team) to John Blackburn (AIRGEOM Project Manager, Altran UK) and Richard Deacon (Operations Manager, PLM Services, Altran UK).

Commenting on the announcement, Denton Clutterbuck (Head of Aerospace and Defence, Altran UK) said: “Altran is delighted to have received this recognition of AIRGEOM, a highly innovative project that is enabling Airbus to achieve a number of different structural engineering and PLM objectives. The development of AIRGEOM is just one of the ways in which we are helping Airbus to meet its innovation and engineering challenges, and we remain committed to building this relationship over the coming years.” This is the second time AIRGEOM has been recognised this year. In February, the project won the 2012 WEAF Award for Innovation & Technology for Growth.

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