Avon Magnetics – The Next Chapter

Published on: 21st March 2019

On 1st March 2019, Bill Wickens Managing Director of Avon Magnetics for over 20 years sold one of the leading AS9100 Rev D companies in its field to John Anderson, a private individual with considerable experience in electro mechanical engineering and running businesses of various sizes.

John had been working as a consultant advising Bill on a number of business related matters for a few months. It became clear as the relationship developed that John’s abilities would work well for the company, both operationally and commercially. This led to discussions of a different nature and then, over a period of time to the sale of the business.

The deal that concluded met with Bill’s criteria in a number of ways, all staff were retained, the company remains in private hands, preserving the individuality and independence of an agile and responsive private company, finally there was a long term commitment to remain at its facility in Christchurch.

All staff were spoken to straight after completion, John made it clear that his commitment towards Avon was long term. Staff were told you have a good business here, which can be tuned to a higher level, offering an improved service and a higher level of market success.

It was also made clear that Bill’s role is not over by any means, part of the fabric of the deal was his long term involvement. Bill is personally committed to that, the company has to succeed on all fronts for the good of its staff and its customers alike.

Avon Magnetics will never forget – customers have a choice, their collective role is to make sure that they remain they’re customers natural choice.