Blandford based Amfax Limited has its A3Di PCB Inspection machine shortlisted for an Innovate UK SME Parliamentary award

Published on: 30th September 2016

Amfax’s a3Di laser based PCBA inspection machine has been shortlisted to receive a parliamentary award at Innovate UK’s annual SME innovation awards held in the British Houses of Parliament on 25th October 2016. The award ceremony will be attended by a number of serving MPs as well as the nominees themselves. The award nomination for a3Di is in the prestigious “Innovation Leading to Productivity Improvement” category.
The a3Di designed and built in Blandford, is a world first for inspecting populated printed circuit boards using lasers instead of traditional cameras. This means that companies who manufacture PCB’s can find faults and issues on their boards with much greater accuracy than any other machine currently available. In fact the machine is so accurate it can measure down to sub-micron levels (less than a 1000th of a millimetre). The machine also measures in 3D allowing users to look at the solder joints, tracks and components in extremely high definition; the result is improved product reliability and fewer failures when the products manufactured are in the consumer’s hands.
The a3Di is one cog in helping companies build better and more reliable products.
Dave Hall, Amfax’s expert in PCB inspection solutions comments “We have developed the innovative a3Di PCBA inspection solution to provide PCB manufacturers and contract manufacturers significant productivity gains when testing and inspecting their populated PCB’s. Being nominated for this prestigious award is the realisation that there is a better, more revolutionary way of helping companies improve their product manufacturing performance. I am extremely proud of the team involved in developing and delivering this revolutionary platform and look forward to attending the awards on behalf of the whole a3Di team at Amfax”
About Amfax
Amfax Ltd, headquartered in Blandford, Dorset has been delivering innovative test engineering solutions to its customers for over 30 years, specialising in the aerospace, consumer electronics, defence and transport sectors. Amfax’s attention to detail in designing cost effective, productivity-enhancing test solutions has enabled them to gain an enviable reputation in the marketplace they serve.
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