‘The Blue Pi Thinking Challenge’

Published on: 13th February 2018

We recently asked Techmodal employees to surprise us with their innovative skill on the Raspberry Pi Platform.

Techmodal’s ‘Blue Pi Thinking’ challenge recently concluded, with the creation of some exceptionally innovative tools built on the Raspberry Pi programming platform.

For the uninitiated, the Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed and made in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, offering an excellent degree of programming flexibility.

Entrants were judged on Originality, Marketability and Creativity, and pitted against each other for the £1,000 top prize. Judging was overseen by Dr Phil Legg, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of West England.

From a pool of 22 of Techmodal’s best and brightest, Senior Developer Tom Blackwell was crowned the winner, with an innovative video playlist app dubbed ‘QTAPES’, noted for the creativity of its interface and distinct marketability.

Using his experience working with interconnected data-sharing systems, Tom’s design converted the Raspberry Pi into a web server from which users can connect to the application and collaboratively build a playlist from their smartphones. The app is ideal for training events; workout classes; parties and even has scope as the successor to the pub jukebox.

In second place, a joint effort from Daniel Jones, Helen Fell and Ash Blackmore, who utilised the Pi as a Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), building on their experience working at Techmodal. Their design has incredible potential as a fleet management tool, showcasing the team’s ingenuity.

Head of Innovation and Blue Pi Thinking brainchild Henry Monelle summed up the event stating:

“The competition has been hard fought and fiercely contested but ultimately, we’re all elated by the enormous output of hard work and talent, by all areas of the company. The team’s creative potential is truly exciting.”