Boom Supersonic Virtual UK Supplier Showcase

Published on: 22nd February 2024

Boom Supersonic Virtual UK Supplier Showcase

15th April 2024 – Overview

Key Information

  • Online B2B sessions with Boom & Suppliers
  • Arranged between UK Government’s Dept for Business & Trade (DBT), ADS and Boom.
  • Interested UK suppliers to describe their capabilities in a given in their one pager.
  • Boom review submissions & invite companies to participate.
  • Plenary session to hear strategies & policies directly from Boom & UK Government.


Boom are revolutionising the supersonic flight sector, with a current investment of $700m and the next round of funding underway, they have attracted several leading industry partners such as United Airlines. Boom, ADS and DBT have been working closely to identify suppliers to fill gaps in their strategic supply chain.


The event will be centered around B2B sessions with Boom representatives and UK companies on an online platform with invitations sent out by Boom for w/c 15th April. Before the B2B sessions, a plenary session will be held to inform the attendees of Boom’s plans and HMG’s outlook.

Supplier Selection

DBT and ADS are working with other partners, such as the Regional Aerospace Alliances, to identify suppliers who can match Boom’s needs. Suppliers will describe their capabilities in a prescribed format which will allow Boom to review the submissions and decide which companies to invite to the Showcase thus ensuring that both parties have a mutual desire to meet.

How to apply

  • Study the information provided about Boom technology, product and service needs.
  • You should send the completed brochure back to Eddie Wells and Bill Peterson
  • Eddie Wells & Bill Peterson will review your submission and provide feedback to enhance the quality of your brochure entry before a final version is included in the document that will be submitted to Boom.
  • Boom will review the individual company submissions in the UK Capability Brochure and select those companies of direct relevance to their needs. Boom will issue invitations to those selected companies to attend the Showcase Event.


Bill Peterson:

Eddie Wells:


Boom Symphony Commodity Sourcing Priorities – British Consulate

Brochure Mock up and Example

Capability Brochure Blank Form for Boom

Boom Supplier Introduction