Carpe Diem: RSM urges Government to use publication of Brexit white paper on UK/EU future relationship as launchpad for greater progress

Published on: 13th July 2018

RSM, the leading audit, tax and consulting firm to the UK’s middle market welcomes the publication of the UK Government’s white paper outlining the future relationship between the UK and the EU.
Following the political turmoil of the past few days, coupled with what has been perceived as a lack of transparency and progress over negotiations to leave the EU, RSM has urged Government to use the publication of the Brexit white paper as a platform for greater progress.
John Taylor, RSM’s regional managing partner for the South said: ‘The publication of the white paper should be broadly welcomed. This is exactly what businesses have been asking for. It marks a positive step forward and an important milestone that finally demonstrates progress, and what appears to be a sensible, pragmatic pitch that in our mind, strikes the right note.
‘‘Carpe diem’ springs to mind – we’d urge Government to use this paper as a launchpad for real progress now.
‘The paper states that the Government’s vision for a future relationship should be built around an economic and security partnership; it sets out an emphasis on seeking to create a frictionless trade structure with the EU, and; outlines some clarity around national borders and facilitated customs arrangements as a means to avoid customs checks. Elements might not satisfy hard-line Brexiteers and Remainers, but ultimately it starts to give business leaders the visibility they need and a roadmap of what might be.
‘It is also notable since the publication of the Government’s Chequers Statement on 6 July in which its proposals were first presented in short, that European leaders have remained largely silent.
‘This week’s cabinet reshuffle also presents a chance to now show greater cohesion and continuity to instil confidence in the UK middle-market business community around the future direction of the UK economy. Specifically, we would urge The Right Honourable Dominic Raab MP in his new post as Secretary of State to show middle market business the maturity and leadership that this country craves.
‘Put simply, these companies just want to get on with it. There has been a real frustration within middle market businesses over the lack of cohesion within Government ranks, and the lack of clarity and transparency around the future direction of the UK economy and the politics to support it. They have and will continue to face challenges in their bid to make adequate preparations and to adjust their balance sheet and structures appropriately. This white paper now addresses some of those concerns.’ /Ends.
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