Airbus Virtual Work Experience


3 July 2023 - 14 July 2023


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Airbus Virtual Work Experience: 3-14 July 2023

Airbus in the UK is once again opening its virtual doors and inviting students to take part in the Airbus digital work experience programme from 3-14 July (further information can be found via this link

The programme enables Airbus to provide accredited work experience to young people, aimed at students aged between 14-19, no matter where they live.  Anyone can register to join and we would like to encourage as many students as possible to participate.

Registrations close on 28 June. 

Aerospace Engineering with Airbus Aerospace Work ExperienceWhat’s included in the Airbus Virtual Work Experience?

Students will hear from the people who make Airbus the company that it is and give you opportunities to complete activities in various departments to get a feel of what department is most interesting for you.

We’ll even let you in on some industry secrets… like did you know it takes more than 3600 litres of paint to paint the exterior of the aircraft?

We’ll also go into detail about Space Exploration and how new initiatives help us here on Earth.

Maybe it’s time to take the Airbus Aerospace programme!


The purpose of this programme is to encourage and inspire students to consider studying STEM subjects, as well as giving them an understanding and insight into the exciting world of aerospace and the career opportunities this could lead to.

In the past three years, more than 9,000 students and pupils have taken part in the virtual work experience programme.

Analysis from April’s programme showed:

  • 2,650 students enrolled and of which
  • 33% were female
  • 55% were ethnic minority
  • 35% expected to be the first in their families to go to university
  • 20% were entitled to free school meals
  • 6% reported themselves as having a disability or SEN

Airbus recognises investment in future skills is crucial to our business and the UK’s economic growth and prosperity.

Registrations close on 28 June

Airbus in the UK is once again opening its virtual doors

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