Fine Tubes to exhibit its industry-leading aerospace products at AIRTEC 2014

Published on: 27th October 2014

Fine Tubes, a world-leading manufacturer and global supplier of precision tubes for a wide range of critical applications, is delighted to announce that it will be exhibiting at AIRTEC 2014 being held at the Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from October 28th to 30th.

AIRTEC is a leading international trade fair, conference & B2B platform attracting senior decision makers from across the aerospace supply chain. For Fine Tubes – a key supplier to the industry for over 50 years with a reputation both for design innovation and precision manufacturing quality – the event offers an ideal  opportunity for presenting its wide range of cutting edge tubing for applications ranging from hydraulic and pneumatic control systems to fuel lines to instrumentation tubes.  

Working with a variety of materials, including stainless steel, nickel, titanium, and zirconium alloys, Fine Tubes is involved in some of the world’s most advanced aerospace projects. It is, for example, one of the very few suppliers with the capability to produce the seamless Grade 9 and Grade 5 titanium tubing required for the high pressure hydraulic systems and high lift transmission systems for the A380 & A350 XWB. The company also supplies other major industry players such as Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, Snecma and Reaction Engines.

For the latter, Fine Tubes has been manufacturing the highly specialist inconel tubing required for the heat exchanger of the SABRE (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine). Combining jet and rocket engines in a single power plant, Reaction Engine’s SABRE is being developed to enable Skylon, a reusable space plane, both to take off and land on a runway and to exit the Earth’s atmosphere. Each engine will require over 2,000km of tubing with a wall thickness of just 40 microns.

Paul Mallett, Fine Tubes’ Business Development Manager Aerospace, commented:

 “We’re excited by the prospect of exhibiting at AIRTEC. It will provide us with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to a wide range of potential customers and business partners just how extensive our industry-leading capabilities are. When it comes to tubing for the aerospace industry, we have consistently shown ourselves to be more than a match for any technological challenge presented to us.”