Helitune and University of Bristol win Best KTP Award

Published on: 23rd November 2012

The Technology Strategy Board has today announced that Helitune, the University of Bristol and associates Steve Pollard and Richard Hunt are the winners of the Best Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Award.

Helitune’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Bristol has transformed the company’s standing in the worldwide helicopter maintenance market by offering civil and military operators a cost-effective, more accurate way to minimise damaging helicopter vibration.

The innovation and success is in a novel algorithm which processes in-flight data for rotor track and balancing (RTB) and then generates a set of mechanical adjustments to bring the rotor within acceptable vibration levels.

“The whole management team feel the value of KTP. The culture of the business has changed and it has given us confidence to invest more in R&D, which can only be a good thing,” says Peter Morrish, Technology Manager, Helitune

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