Hydrogen Strategy Update: August 2023

Published on: 4th September 2023

Government plans to deliver a more secure, cleaner energy system, with hydrogen envisaged to play an increasingly important role during and after the transition


The third Hydrogen Strategy Update to the Market sets out the government’s continuing focus on delivery. It recaps the hydrogen announcements and forward look in the Powering Up Britain plan, the new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero’s manifesto for the future.

The government published the second SAF mandate consultation on 30 March 2023, setting out proposals for how the mandate will work to ensure the aerospace industry can meet the implementation date of 2025, and for hydrogen’s use as a process input or as a feedstock. Page 15 details how it affects the aviation industry.

Hydrogen Strategy Update: August 2023

Department for Energy Security & Net Zero Hydrogen Strategy Update August 2023.

The Department for Energy Security & Net Zero are continuing to develop policy at pace to deliver on government’s ambitions on hydrogen, including taking forward recommendations from the Independent Review of Net Zero. This includes the development of a hydrogen production delivery roadmap later this year, and the high-level design of the T&S business models which we set out in the government response to the T&S consultation published with this Update to the Market. It also includes policy to bring forward demand for hydrogen such as the consultation on hydrogen blending and on the need and potential design options for market intervention to support hydrogen to power, which they intend to publish later this year.

The government will continue to leverage the UK’s position as one of the world’s most attractive business and investment environments, developing policy and a comprehensive market framework to enable rapid growth of the UK hydrogen economy.