KYOCERA SGS inspires innovation in aerospace with Zimmermann and Kingsbury

Published on: 16th January 2020

KYOCERA SGS helped to support innovation in the aerospace sector at a hugely successful Technology Day organised with Zimmermann and Kingsbury in November.

Held in Neuhausen, Germany, the event focused around the machining of structural aerospace parts and provided a unique opportunity for leaders in the industry to view Zimmermann’s FZH400 machine in action. The FZH400 is a horizontal-spindle machining centre for the efficient production of structural components in the aerospace industry. It is a quantum leap in the machining of structural aerospace components and has been shown to achieve a metal removal rate of 13 litres per minute!

With Zimmermann recognised for manufacturing the most advanced portal milling machines on the market, KYOCERA SGS known as leaders in the tooling industry and Kingsbury valued for providing manufacturers with innovative machining solutions, the event brought together a huge amount of engineering expertise.  It came about thanks to the strong working relationship and history of collaboration between the three companies.

The team from KYOCERA SGS involved with helping to organise the day in conjunction with Zimmermann and Kingsbury was made up of Ray Gibbs, Aerospace Technologies Manager and Steve Neale, Senior Applications Engineer, with support from Antony Theaker, UK Sales Manager, David Colton, EU Sales Director and Joao Alves, European Application Engineer.

As well as impressive high-speed roughing, high-speed finishing and other technical demonstrations, the packed agenda included company and partner presentations, factory tours and networking.

Ray Gibbs said:

“We were delighted to be asked to support the event. It was not only a fantastic opportunity to showcase products and demonstrate different ways of using our tooling, but also a great chance to network with our industry. We were also excited to see the new FZH400 machine in action and proud to have had a role in helping to shape the development of what is a game-changing piece of machinery for the aerospace industry. Long may our successful collaboration continue.”

Key players in the aerospace industry were invited to make a presentation about their latest innovations, as well as having a stand where visitors could visit and talk with them one to one. In addition to KYOCERA SGS, these companies were:

  • Blaser Swisslube
  • Montronix
  • RUF Automobile

There was a great deal to see on the day for the 40 or so delegates in attendance but the buzz centred around the new Zimmermann FZH400 machine and its achievement, with KYOCERA SGS tooling, of an aluminium metal removal rate of 13.5 litres a minute and a spindle load of 85%! As well as fresh insights about aerospace parts machining, the event provided plenty of opportunities for networking, which is vital to the industry, as Steve Neale commented:

“The event was a valuable opportunity to strengthen relationships between the companies. In a highly advanced technological industry like ours, you can’t go it alone.  Success in this industry is all about strong partnerships like the one between KYOCERA SGS and Zimmermann/Kingsbury, as this event proved.”

David Colton added:
“The technology day was fantastic. It’s always exciting to bring our industry together and help leading companies to find new ways to innovate and enhance their tooling and productivity.”
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