Learn about High Order CFD: CFMS Hyperflux Workshop

Published on: 5th September 2016
High-order (flux reconstruction methods) (HOMs) developed by Dr. Peter Vincent, Imperial College London are attracting considerable research interest as they offer the potential for significantly more accurate fluid dynamics simulation. The Hyperflux project led by CFMS, has created a new UK-based software tool utilising HOMs – offering a working capability for industrial evaluation.
Many organisations are eager to learn more about high-order CFD and try out the method on realistic test cases. CFMS with partners Imperial College and Zenotech will be holding a free workshop on 11th October 2016, 10.00 – 16.00 hrs, to outline the high-order method, describe what has been implemented in the code bases and show how to set up and run test cases for aerospace, automotive, maritime, civil and renewables engineering.
For more information about Hyperflux and to register for the event view the links below.