Martech Commissions Production Line Test Stations for Leading UK Valve Manufacturer.

Published on: 22nd August 2018

Martech has designed and manufactured a range of test stations which significantly increase production line testing efficiency whilst also enhancing operator safety when testing valves at high pressures.
The test stations are modular, fully interlocked, have been constructed with robust aluminium frames and double layer polycarbonate panels to provide optimum operator protection in the unlikely event of a valve failure; valves can be tested at pressures of up to 18000psi using nitrogen, helium, air or water.
Additional features include local camera monitoring allowing the rear of the valve under test to be viewed, leak detection using gas sniffer and noise detection and remote valve adjustment.

Designed specifically to meet the customer’s specifications, a total of five test stations have recently been commissioned on site by our engineers and are fully operational.