MECH Metrology Improves Measurement Certainty by 50% with Trimos Horizon Premium Length Measuring Machine from Bowers Group

Published on: 3rd March 2020

Bowers Group has supplied MECH Metrology with a Trimos Horizon Premium Length Measuring machine which has increased their capacity for inhouse calibration services, and improved certainty of measurement by 50%.  In addition to enabling the business to calibrate plug gauges traceable to UKAS standards, the Trimos Horizon Premium is used to calibrate a variety of equipment including thread, plug and ring gauges, plain plug gauges and plain ring gauges.

Mech Metrology is now able test screw ring gauges and internal threads in house, a job that would have been previously subcontracted out. The Trimos Horizon Premium has also improved MECH Metrology’s output, as well as significantly increasing the efficiency of the calibration process.
Mr Russell Johnston, Owner of MECH Metrology, said: “There are 3 key reasons why we chose to invest in the Trimos Horizon Premium; capability, capacity and accuracy. We can now calibrate more equipment in house than ever, at an even higher level of accuracy. In fact, I would estimate that the Trimos has improved our certainty of measurement by 50%. Speed of process has also improved significantly, so we can get more work done in less time.”

Based in Fareham, MECH Metrology and Power Tools Ltd has been in business for over 26 years as a one-stop-shop for metrology equipment and calibration services. In addition to supplying businesses with quality branded metrology products to meet customers’ gauging, tooling, and measurement needs, MECH Metrology also offers a fully traceable calibration and repair service.

“Customers are increasingly looking for a one stop solution which we can offer with confidence” explains Russell. “Following a request from a customer, we simply take the item off the shelf and send it straight into the lab for calibration before it goes out the door. It’s a perfectly streamlined process. Our calibration management system ensures that equipment is recalled for calibration in a timely manner, customers have access to online certification information, and all data is electronically held.”

The need for quality control is an essential activity in most businesses, so it’s important to have effective calibration processes in operation. The ability to perform accurate measurements on a consistent basis can only be achieved if instruments used are periodically calibrated to designated standards. Mech Metrology recognises the importance of being able to offer a cost effective and comprehensive calibration service to all its clients, and have many customers that benefit from calibration management services.

As part of its ongoing investment in people and equipment, MECH Metrology is always looking for ways to improve and refine its services. After the business received a number of regular calibration requests that had to be sub-contracted out, MECH Metrology decided to invest in the equipment that would ensure they could carry out the requests in-house, therefore improving services and calibration turn-around times.  Previously using an older generation Trimos THV Mini Horizontal, MECH Metrology decided it was time for an upgrade, which Bowers Group were more than happy to provide.

As a top of the range model designed for workshop or laboratory use, the Trimos Horizon Premium Length Measuring Machine is ideal for the control and calibration of measuring instruments with fixed and variable dimensions. All measuring ranges are direct, which means that the whole measuring range is available without adjustment or intermediary re-calibration. A large selection of interchangeable accessories completes the possible applications and guarantees a correct positioning of the instruments to be calibrated. Not only is the Trimos Horizon Premium robust and well designed, it is simple to use and offers fast and precise checking for optimal and high productivity measuring results.

Mr Craig George, Technical Sales Engineer at MECH Metrology, said: “We were driven to invest in the Trimos Horizon when we couldn’t carry out some of the calibration requests we received internally. We didn’t want to continue to have to sub-contract them out, so the Trimos Horizon has solved this issue for us. It allows us to carry out far more of our calibration services in house, without having to sub-contract out the items we didn’t have the capacity for. The return on investment for the Horizon has been very quick due to the demand we have experienced as a business for calibration services. We now have a bigger capacity for work, and we can comfortably achieve the necessary UKAS accreditation required to meet standards.”
Mr Russell Johnston continues: “The service we have received from Bowers Group is always good; Ryan Kingswell has gone out of his way to answer any questions we’ve had and is always on hand should we experience any issues.”

As an independent supplier of metrology solutions to industries including general manufacturing and engineering, aerospace, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, F1, rail, and transportation, MECH Metrology is able to offer specialist advice on a wide variety of metrology solutions and applications. By supplying customers with fully calibrated products directly from stock, Mech Metrology has earned its excellent reputation as a convenient, reliable, and trustworthy supplier and calibration house. As a close regional partner for Bowers Group products, MECH Metrology offers a variety of products off the shelf, including the world-renowned Moore & Wright product range.

Mech Metrology’s calibration management system ensures that equipment is automatically recalled when due for servicing, providing on-site calibration services at a laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Customers can expect collection and delivery, fast turnaround, and even online access to calibration certificates and records.