NATO: a Credible Security Provider? Join the debate

Published on: 12th August 2014

NATO: a Credible Security Provider? Strengthening European Security and Defence Capabilities within the Alliance

3rd September 2014 / Cardiff Marriott Hotel . Wales

This half-day debate offers the opportunity to engage in a key multi-stakeholder debate directly ahead of the main summit. Broad discussion topics for debate include:

  • What existing and emerging threats do NATO and its members face and what is at stake?
  •  How can the Alliance ensure its capabilities do not continue to be damaged by declining defence budgets?
  • What is the likelihood of European countries developing greater strategic autonomy from both NATO and the US, while increasing their ability to contribute to the Alliance through dollars and resources?
  • What should the key implementation actions be as a result of the NATO Summit?

The event is being run with formal support from NATO, and will include senior figures from the various defence and security institutions in Europe. I attach for your information a copy of the event agenda, in which you will see that a number of key speakers have confirmed, including Pierre Vimont, Secretary General of the EEAS, Ambassador of Canada to NATO, Yves Brodeur and Giampaolo Lillo from the European Defence Agency, amongst others. In terms of discussion topics, following opening keynote speeches, we will have a session on the broader security picture, and another session focusing on cyber-measures, dual-use technologies and emerging challenges. The event website is available at

This event is unique in that it is open to the public and free to attend, unlike any other side events that are happening around the summit. This debate also has the formal support of NATO.

Download further information here: 

NATO: a Credible Security Provider? pdf

NATO Flyer pdf

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