News – MBS & Lockheed Martin UK

Published on: 27th March 2017

The Programme
MBS is proud to announce it involvement in The Ajax programme, formerly known as the Scout SV (Specialist Vehicle). This is a family of armoured fighting vehicles being developed by General Dynamics UK for the British Army having won the contract in 2010.
Matt Black Systems Integration
Matt Black Systems and Lockheed Martin UK have joined forces for the design and development of the all new fire control panel (FCP). The units are part of a wider turret upgrade system developed specifically for the UK MOD.
The specialist design allows illumination of an MBS proprietary aluminium substrate panel making the mechanical assembly able to withstand an Electro Magnetic Pulse counter measure, all thanks to an all NEW process of illumination which refracts, diffuses and then pipes light evenly maintaining the faraday cage affect.
This cutting edge interface console also features environmental considerations needed for the most hostile of conditions allowing it to perform over a working temperature range of -40 -+55 (109 degrees C) without failure.
The Future
MBS are now set to supply all FCP units for both the new Ajax Platform as well as the WCSP – “Warrior Capability Sustainability Programme” the aim being to create a common combat system between both platforms in the field giving the UK an updated reconnaissance and attack vehicle combination.