Norco Winfrith completes 3-year AS9100 certification cycle

Published on: 14th August 2023

WEAF Member, Norco Winfrith completes 3-year AS9100 certification cycle

Norco’s Winfrith facility proudly marks an important milestone – the successful completion of its first three-year AS9100 Certification cycle.

AS9100 Certification is a widely accepted and standardised quality management system for the aerospace industry. It is an endorsement of the stringent quality measures that a company maintains and constantly improves upon, ensuring the best for its customers.

The Winfrith facility’s journey, starting from its initial audit in 2020, has been nothing short of inspiring. It embraced its first surveillance audit last year with flying colours, recording zero non-conformances, a significant achievement for a new facility. This year’s second surveillance audit was equally impressive, with just a single minor non-conformance noted

Norco Winfrith completes 3-year AS9100 certification cycle

WEAF Member, Norco Winfrith completes 3-year AS9100 certification cycle.

“Our team’s dedication to maintaining high standards and continually improving processes has been instrumental in these successful audits,” shared Quality HSE Manager – Justin Cull. “We aim not just to meet, but to exceed customer expectations, and this achievement is a testament to our commitment.”

Auditor feedback echoed the team’s efforts. The facility consistently received positive remarks and the inclusion of good practices and strengths in the audit summaries. These acknowledgments validate the team’s hard work and commitment to excellence.

As Norco Winfrith moves forward, the focus remains on further growth and improvement. The facility is set to expand with a new extension that will enhance its capabilities and continue to deliver quality and service.

“We’re immensely proud of this accomplishment,” added Justin. “It’s a solid foundation we intend to build upon as we expand with the new extension and its capabilities.”


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