Sandler Training Prospecting Bootcamp: achieve greater levels of success

Published on: 23rd April 2024

Sandler are delighted to offer members of WEAF a discounted rate to attend their upcoming prospecting bootcamp.

Join us to discover the essential behaviours needed for successful prospecting, such as:

  • Effective communication, active listening, and relationship-building.
  • The correct mindset to overcome rejection, stay motivated, and persist through challenges, fostering a positive and resilient approach to prospecting.
  • Proven techniques and methodologies that are tailored to today’s dynamic sales landscape, enabling you to navigate objections, qualify prospects, and close deals with confidence.


As part of the Sandler Sales Methodology, we will cover three key areas: 

Uncovering Pain: By understanding the prospect’s challenges and pain points, you will be able to position yourself as a valuable solution provider.

Qualifying Prospects: We will teach you how to identify high-quality prospects through thorough qualification, ensuring that you invest your time and efforts wisely.

Controlling the Sale: You will learn how to take control of the sales process by guiding prospects through each stage with clarity and purpose, ultimately leading to successful outcomes.


WEAF members will be able to purchase a ticket for £200pp rather than the £300pp standard rate. (25% of cost is donated to Young Devon registered charity: 1057949)

Places are limited, so reserve yours now:

Further details include:

Date: 21st of May

Time: 09:00 – 16:00