Stirling celebrates 30 years in business

Published on: 24th January 2017

This year, Bristol-based Stirling Dynamics will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. Formed from small beginnings in 1987 as an aerospace research and development consultancy by founder Dr Robert Stirling, Stirling has gone on to become an advanced engineering company delivering state-of-the-art technology worldwide.
Determined to become more than an average consultancy, with a clear focus on building strong client relationships and delivering engineering excellence, Stirling’s clients now range from global defence companies to government agencies, while exports to North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific make up 70% of the business. Achievements include the continuous supply of active sticks and throttles for the new F-35 pilot training simulators (in excess of 250 units to date), and support to over 70 aircraft and 10 Navies worldwide.
“We are always looking for new challenges” commented Bob Stirling “we remain ambitious and keen to carve opportunities in new markets. Our talented staff has been the backbone of our success, but we would also like to thank our clients for the strong relationships we have been able to build together.”
Looking forward, Stirling aims to continue being at the front line of innovation, leading the way in the field of active controls and simulator technology, and growing its service provision to the aerospace and marine industries.
A staff celebration will be held on the 23rd of January 2017, while a formal event for customers and investors will take place later in the year. To further mark the occasion, Stirling is launching a new company website, which will go live later in the month.