Symbiotics and Pan-Am Celebrate 100 online test candidates

Published on: 19th December 2013

Leading providers of human performance consultancy for aviation, bluelight services, transportation and defence, Symbiotics Ltd is delighted to announce that 100 candidates have now passed through the online assessment service that the company has developed with Pan Am International Flight Academy.

The Academy – the only surviving division of the iconic Pan American World Airways – can trace its heritage back to the earliest days of airline flight training and is now one of the world’s leading providers both through its international network of training centres and through its online courses. In July 2013, All Nippon Airways (ANA Holdings) entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Pan Am Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Pan-Am International Flight Academy, Inc.

Symbiotics began working with Pan Am in October 2012 on the development of new capabilities for the Symbiotics-designed ADAPT screening tool to enable candidates to access it directly through the Academy’s website. The result has been to help Pan Am identify the most suitable candidates at the same time as providing those candidates with a predictive guide to their performance before committing to the cost of the training.

In addition, Symbiotics has been working with Pan Am’s UK representative to facilitate the provision of personalised feedback and guidance for those taking the test. Further, the test is being promoted through seminars held across the country and is also being taken to candidates through assessment sessions that deliver immediate results.

Sheldon England, ACA’s European Director, commented “Aviation Careers Associates celebrates 12 months representing Pan-Am Academy in the UK by enrolling its 80th Pilot training cadet onto its EASA Pro-Pilot training course in Florida, USA.  ACA would like to thank Symbiotics for its assistance and expertise in the delivery of its computer pilot selection pilot assessment process.”

Whilst the majority of the first 100 candidates have been UK-based, the online assessment has also been undertaken by candidates from Ireland, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

Nikki Heath, CEO of Symbiotics Ltd, commented: “The throughput of 100 candidates is a significant milestone in our relationship with Pan Am – a name that still evokes so much of the history of commercial aviation. By working closely with them, we have been able to help the Pan Am Academy derive the maximum benefit from our industry-leading ADAPT pilot screening and assessment tool.”