Symbiotics Ltd provides pilot selection tool for JET Aviation

Published on: 4th November 2013

Symbiotics Ltd, leading international specialists in human performance assessment and training solutions, is delighted to announce that it is now working with Jet Aviation to help them select pilots with the right qualities for the particular demands of business aviation.

Key to the selection process will be the use of ADAPT, the pilot screening and selection tool developed by Symbiotics. The only system that is fully compliant with, and currently exceeds, the 2010 IATA PAT Guidelines, ADAPT provides a customer-focused assessment that is both objective and predictive. Based on a five stage process, the tool measures the performance of candidates across four areas: physical skills, cognitive skills, the impact of their behavioural and personality traits on performance, and their susceptibility to the effects of environment and situation.

This is particularly important for Jet Aviation, a provider of business jet services, as they require pilots with high levels of self-discipline, integrity and discretion, capable of working remotely and following SOPs even when under pressure to meet client demands. By using ADAPT, Symbiotics will be able to assess candidates for these specific requirements.

Nikki Heath, CEO of Symbiotics Ltd, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Jet Aviation. There are many key differences between working as a business aviation pilot on the one hand and working for a commercial airline on the other. ADAPT has the flexibility to assess any candidate’s potential for either role and Jet Aviation’s decision to engage our services is an important validation of just how powerful a tool APAPT is.”