UK Technology Showcase for Honeywell Aerospace

Published on: 4th October 2022

w/c 6 February 2023, Phoenix, Arizona, USA


The UK Government and Honeywell Aerospace host a one-day UK Technology Showcase event in Phoenix with circa 20 pre-approved, high performing UK suppliers that have been pre-selected by Honeywell Aerospace. A high threshold for participation will be set to get full commitment from Honeywell Aerospace’s technology, product development and supply chain leadership teams. Only suppliers with relevant technology, products or services will participate. The supplier participants will have products of direct interest to Honeywell Aerospace and must be export qualified/ready and able to demonstrate a highly attractive, cost effective proposition. These criteria will be applied by the UK Government team when assessing candidate companies, but ultimately Honeywell Aerospace will invite those companies that meet the criteria.


The UK has a thriving and robust aircraft engines, structures and systems industrial base which continues to invest in new products, techniques, materials and processes to maintain its position as a world-leading supplier to the global aircraft market. The Aerospace Industrial Strategy is a top priority for the UK Government. To that end, the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP), a collaboration between industry and Government, is ensuring the UK supply chain retains its technological lead in aircraft systems, wings, and propulsion, underpinned by a research and development roadmap aligned to future sector needs.

The UK Government has established a track record of facilitating concise, impactful supply chain events hosted by major aircraft manufacturers and their key tier one suppliers. The UK Department for International Trade (DIT), therefore, sees a strong business case for delivering a targeted trade mission, supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Aerospace Technology Institute, in the form of a UK Supplier Showcase, to Honeywell Aerospace. This will be built around clear customer requirements and matching these to high performing UK suppliers.

UK Supplier Showcase Overview

The objective of the Showcase is to further strengthen the competitiveness of Honeywell Aerospace by securing low cost, differentiating UK technology using export proven companies. The participants will cover early adoption of technology, products and capabilities for next generation products; technologies that can be applied on existing products; second source components to satisfy production ramp-up; and new manufacturing equipment or operational improvement technologies.

The mission will consist of five main elements:

  • A plenary session for Honeywell Aerospace and UK Government to present their respective roadmaps, engagement philosophy and strategic goals.
  • An exhibition area where Honeywell Aerospace staff (engineers, supply chain managers, R&D staff, manufacturing & operations) will be invited to drop in and tour the stands in order to broaden their knowledge of UK capabilities NOTE: Honeywell Aerospace indicated the event will take place at or in close proximity to the Honeywell Aerospace headquarters in Phoenix. Therefore, we will most likely have an exhibition area (see photos at the end of this document) to allow participants to showcase their capabilities to Honeywell staff members.
  • Business-to-business (B2B) meetings where UK suppliers can elaborate their offer with appropriate Honeywell Aerospace engineers, commodity managers etc on a one-to-one basis.
  • Side meetings between Honeywell Aerospace & UK Government to compare product and technology roadmaps, identify opportunities for further UK Government support for Honeywell R&D, and discuss Honeywell Aerospace’s strategy with respect to the UK supply chain.
  • UK Government will host a reception and dinner at a suitable, nearby location where the UK Government team, company delegates and Honeywell Aerospace participants can continue discussions and strengthen relationships.

Selection Methodology

We will use a model that has been successfully implemented with many US customers whereby the UK Government will invite a wide range of companies to participate in this supply chain event and ask them to describe their UK based product offer within tight guidelines. UK Government will assess the suitability of the companies and their offer and include those deemed relevant into a Capability Brochure. Honeywell Aerospace will be invited to distribute the document within its technology, product development, indirect spend and commodity groups in order to review the submissions and select the companies offering technology, products or services that may be of interest for further dialogue at the event. Honeywell Aerospace will have overall control of which companies they wish to meet as they will be issuing the invitations. It is proposed to adopt two concurrent methodologies for the initial selection of candidate companies, top down and bottom up:

I. Technology and Capability Need (top down): Honeywell Aerospace will be asked to express its near-term tactical and long-term strategic technology or product needs based on constrained commodities, prospective upgrades to in-service platforms and new platform performance requirements. UK Government will work with various UK aerospace trade bodies, government partners, aerospace R&D and continuous process improvement organizations to identify candidate companies who can match the technology, product or service needs expressed by Honeywell Aerospace. The following is a list of technologies that the Honeywell Aerospace team wished to identify:

II. Capability Offer (bottom up): Honeywell Aerospace may be unable, for commercial confidentiality reasons, to share some of their strategic technology needs. Therefore, a wide range of technology developments will be selected by UK Government and offered to Honeywell Aerospace allowing them to select the companies of interest without revealing the reason why.

Strategy, Supply Chain and R&T Discussions

Honeywell Aerospace is an important participant in the UK’s aerospace sector strategy. Alongside the trade mission, there is an opportunity for UK Government and Honeywell Aerospace to build on this existing relationship. Senior representatives from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the Department for International Trade and the Aerospace Technology Institute will attend the event and be able to have meetings with senior Honeywell Aerospace executives in order to further understand Honeywell’s strategy and develop opportunities for cooperation both in the UK and USA.

Proposed Program

Venue: in or close to Honeywell Aerospace’s HQ. The event will require:

  • An area laid out theatre style with a capacity of approx 100 people
  • The B2B sessions will require approx. 15 tables.
  • An area for a buffet lunch


Draft Agenda

09.00 – Welcome address from Honeywell Aerospace and UK Government

09.30 – Honeywell Aerospace presentation of their future growth & technological or product needs

10.15 – Overview of the UK Aerospace ecosystem including operational improvement and technology development roadmaps

10.45 – Networking break

Exhibition area open to all Honeywell staff on site

11.15 – Scheduled business to business meetings with commodity managers and design teams

Parallel meetings between Honeywell Aerospace & UK Government covering industrial strategy, R&T convergence, cooperative development programmes, supply chain strategy

12.30 – Networking lunch. Exhibition area continues

13.00 – Further scheduled business to business meetings with commodity managers and design teams

16:30 – Day closes

Evening – Networking reception & dinner hosted by UK Govt with Honeywell Aerospace team and UK supplier delegates

How to Register for the Event

The Department for International Trade will administer the registration process on behalf of the UK Government and in partnership with Honeywell Aerospace. UK companies wishing to participate should follow this process:

  • Carefully read this document to understand the structure of the event
  • Fill in the Capability Brochure blank form (Word doc) ensuring you follow the guidelines to maximise the impact of your submission. There is one paragraph of 100 words per specific capability you are proposing. There is scope for 4 capabilities. Use the Company Description section for general comments about your business.
  • Fill in the Capability Matching Matrix (Excel doc). You should have one entry per capability paragraph in the matrix. Then put a cross in the columns that you think best matches your capability. This will ensure the correct Honeywell Capability Buyers receive your brochure entry.
  • DIT will review your submission, offer you advice on how to improve it, and include it in the UK Capability Brochure
  • DIT will publish the brochure to Honeywell 9 Nov who will review the submissions and decide prior to Christmas break who they wish to invite.
  • You will receive a notification in mid-December 2022 to know if you have been invited by Honeywell to participate in the February event.
  • If you are invited, DIT will invoice you for £770 + VAT which entitles you to send one delegate to the event. Additional delegates will be charged at £110 + VAT. All delegates will be invited to the reception and dinner. You will be asked to name the delegates that will attend the event.
  • Details of the event location and hotel recommendations will be sent out around the end of January to allow adequate time for travel planning.

The current Covid-19 pandemic situation will be considered in our planning. In the event that government restrictions affect travel to the USA, we may pivot to a virtual programme, delay or cancel the event. Any cancellation as a result of Covid-19 restrictions will result in the option of receiving a full refund should you no longer be able to participate. A virtual programme may result in an alternate fee structure. DIT can’t be held responsible for costs incurred to secure travel arrangements.

You can click below to download the following documents:

Capability Brochure Blank Form for GE Aviation

UK Supplier Showcase Commodity Matching Matrix for 23 Feb 2022