A unique position in the UK for design and manufacture.

Published on: 8th January 2018

That’s where UK manufacturer Avon Magnetics Limited of Christchurch, a front runner in the field of transformers, inductors & wound components, have positioned themselves.
They were one of the first in their field to gain AS9100 Rev C certification for both design & manufacture and are the first to transition from Rev C to Rev D via (Lloyds) LRQA.
Their prime markets are aerospace & military with a strong, loyal & growing customer base but they also have significant involvement in numerous other complex, demanding, high reliability environments, all of which benefit from their expertise and QM system.
Whether a prospective customer requires design for manufacture or build to print, both benefit from the processes they have in place. The AS9100 Rev D system has strengthened and added to their resolve as the new standard focuses on more than the traditional business elements.