Upcoming Events at the FAC!

Published on: 13th February 2018

FAC Annual Networking Dinner 2018 – 21st March 2018 

FAC is pleased to announce their Annual Networking Dinner which will be taking place in the newly refurbished Farnborough College of Technology. This year it takes place on 21st March 2018.   There will be opportunities to network with your fellow members and the NATEP & FAC team.
For more information about this event, please see the following link: https://www.fac.org.uk/event/fac-annual-networking-dinner-2018/

Doing Business in the USA – accelerated growth for innovative UK companies – 22nd March 2018

The US Defence budget runs at around half a trillion dollars annually, and the US remains the worlds largest civil aerospace market. US prime contractors actively seek supply chains in the UK and innovative UK companies are in their top tier US supply chains – including Farnborough Aerospace Consortium members.
There are many sources of help and advice for UK companies wanting to break into the US Aerospace and Defence market, including the Dept for International Trade, the Pentagon itself with programmes such as Foreign Competitive Test (FCT), state and local government Economic Development Authorities (EDAs) and a strong network of professional services companies with a specific business streams in helping UK companies set up and prosper in the US.
There are many challenges to overcome though. The legal and tax regimes in the US can be very different to the UK – providing obstacles to overcome, but also real opportunities for competitive advantage. Getting visa’s for key staff requires careful preparation and choosing the right location for a US sales office, program management capability or manufacturing base is key to success.
The FAC workshop ‘Doing Business in the USA’ on March 22nd will tackle issues and more. We have brought together a great selection of speakers who will explain how opportunities can be found, how they can be accessed and how to create the US infrastructure to profit from them. A morning session will include input from each speaker and panel discussions. In the early afternoon, speakers will be available for free and confidential one-to-one consultations.
For more information on this event, please see the following link: https://www.fac.org.uk/event/selling-dealing-us-defence-industry/?instance_id=732