Member News: Vertical Aerospace VX4 Demonstrations coming soon!

Published on: 21st November 2023

Coming Soon: Vertical Aerospace VX4’s Public Demonstrations

Building on their 2023 flight campaign and as part of their intensive 2024 flight test campaign Vertical Aerospace’s expert test pilots will be conducting, what are expected to be the first ever, public eVTOL flight demonstrations in the UK next year at:

Farnborough International Airshow – to build on the success of their display last year, as they intend to fly at the Airshow in July 2024.

Heathrow – In 2022, the UK-Government allocated £9.5m to Vertical and a British consortium, including Virgin Atlantic, to pioneer the UK Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem. By 2024, the consortium plans to showcase the VX4’s capabilities by flying to and from Heathrow Airport, illustrating the end-to-end operations crucial for advancing a commercially viable AAM network in the UK.

Skyports “Living Lab” – also part of the consortium, further piloted demonstrations are also planned at a new Skyports Infrastructure “Living Lab” vertiport in the south of England, which will be used to test ground, passenger and air operations during the project.

Vertical are working on other public demonstrations of their aircraft’s capabilities, including flying at the World Expo in Osaka with Marubeni and the Korean Government’s Grand Challenge with Kakao. They plan to announce further demonstration flights as they go through 2024. You can read more about their planned public demonstrations in their shareholder letter.


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