Winners of the Sustainable Smart Factory competition announced

Published on: 17th April 2023

BEIS, UKRI and Made Smarter Innovation announced the winners of the Sustainable Smart Factory competition.

BEIS, UKRI and Made Smarter Innovation announced the winners of almost £14m in combined backing from its latest funding call – the Sustainable Smart Factory competition.

The collaborative research and development competition sought to identify and support digital innovations to improve the sustainability of manufacturing processes, resulting in either reduced material or energy consumption. Projects applying for funding were required to show an innovative development and application of data or digital technology that could help optimise material usage, and reduce, reuse or separate waste materials, or lower energy consumption to increase sustainability throughout an area of production.

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Twelve projects were successful in their applications, securing between £1m and £8m in funding each, and offering solutions for a wide range of manufactured goods and industrial processes across a number of sectors spanning food, aerospace, automotive, plastics, electronics, and various engineering disciplines.


South West Aerospace companies at the forefront in deploying sustainable solutions

WEAF CEO, Colin Turner said “It is fantastic to see South West companies GKN, Poetons and Domin Fluid Power awarded this funding for developing and deploying innovative sustainable solutions across the supply chain.”


The Sustainable Smart Factory competition winners include:

  • Butterfly – £3,997,856 (GKN Aerospace Services Limited)
  • Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing for Baking Industry – £610,168 (Rakusen Limited)
  • A scalable IoT solution utilising machine-learning to discover actionable insights to reduce energy/resource consumption utilising manufacturing process data – £915,702 (EdgeMethods Limited)
  • ECO-SPRINT: Environment Centred Optimisation of SME Productivity using Realtime INTelligence – £1,023,395 (FitFactory Technology Ltd)
  • INSPIRE – Integrated Sustainable Production through Innovative Resource Efficiency – £1,202,712 (Pragmatic Semiconductor Limited)
  • Finding materials efficiencies with WasteMap – £510,410 (Topolytics Ltd)
  • Reducing Energy Consumption and Material Loss in Steel Production Using Predictive Machine Learning – £991,026 (Deep.Meta Ltd)
  • AI 3D-printing factory network across the UK – £876,390 (BatchW Limited)
  • Smart Digitisation of Bed and Fine Wire Spring Manufacturing – building a predictive tool for resource/operational innovation – £677,413 (Spinko Limited)
  • COMPASS – Comprehensive Machine and Process Analysis for Sustainable Production Systems – £619,034 (Domin Fluid Power Limited)
  • LEAD Factory – £1,052,168 (Photocentric Ltd)
  • Smart People + Smart Process = Smart Factory – £1,242,345 (Raynor Foods Limited)

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Sustainable Smart Factory competition

BEIS, UKRI and Made Smarter Innovation announced the winners of the Sustainable Smart Factory competition.

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