Brunel Engraving Company

Published on: 4th July 2017

Industrial engraving specialist, Brunel Engraving Company, a leading engraver and supplier of issue parts and components to the aerospace industry, is the first business in Europe to take delivery of the latest, most powerful Epilog Galvo Laser engraving machine – the Epilog G2 Galvo Laser System.
The state of the art system will enable Brunel to engrave on virtually any metal and plastic component, providing a solution to virtually every engraving requirement, from small labels to complicated aeronautical parts.
Manufactured by Epilog in the USA and supplied by CSI, Epilog’s UK and Ireland distributors, the Epilog G2 Galvo was installed at Brunel’s headquarters in Clevedon, North Somerset, by CSI on Monday, 5th June 2017.

The new G2 is the first galvo laser system that can laser mark over a large work area without compromising engraving quality or requiring product indexing. It features an air-cooled, pulsed fibre laser that engraves at fast speeds over an adjustable engraving area, spanning up to 609 x 609 mm.  The machine can mark and deep engrave at high speed directly onto most metals and industrial plastics without the need for any pre or post-treatments. There is no contact between the laser and the component, eliminating clamping marks.
This is a major investment in the very latest engraving technology for Brunel, one of the largest and most successful engraving businesses in the UK , which will enable the company to mark virtually any metal and plastic component as a one off or in volume.
“We have supplied companies such as BAE Systems and August Westland, alongside small, privately owned concerns including private aircraft and flying clubs, for many years and we have always invested in the latest technologies to improve our efficiency and enhance our portfolio of products”, said Martyn Wright, founder and managing director of Brunel Engraving.
“We are leading Europe with our investment in the G2 which will take our component engraving capability for the aerospace industry to the next level, enabling us to tackle ever more complex and diverse requirements.”
Matt Kirwan, CSI managing director, commented:   ‘We are delighted to be working with Brunel on another first for CSI as Brunel was also the first engraving company in the UK to install the widely acclaimed Epilog Fusion laser back in 2014. They are a very experienced engraving company with a broad knowledge of materials and conversion techniques so we look forward to seeing their creative output from the G2.   We are very excited about the launch of Epilog‘s first commercial galvo laser system and believe this product will give CSI access to new industrial market sectors.”