Clean Sky 2 Initiative:

Published on: 8th August 2013
Developing a new generation of greener aircraft
  • New environmentally friendly technologies for next generation aviation;
  • New market opportunities and jobs;
  • Underpinning European international aviation competitiveness;
  • Speed up development of technology demonstrators.

What is the challenge?
Air traffic contributes today about 3% to global greenhouse gas emissions, and it is expected to triple by 2050. Although other sectors are more polluting (electricity and heating produces 32% of greenhouse gases), pollution from air traffic is released high in the atmosphere where the impact is muchgreater. Meeting the EU’s climate and energy objectives will require reducing drastically the sector’s environmental impact by reducing its emissions. Maximising fuel efficiency to use less to go farther is also a key cost-cutting factor in a very competitive industry – and as air traffic increases, better noise reduction technologies are needed. But gamechanging
innovation in this sector is risky, complex and expensive, and requires long-term commitment. This is why all relevant European stakeholders must work together to develop proof-of-concept demonstrators.

What is the Clean Sky 2 (CS2) Initiative?

CS2 is a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) bringing together companies, universities, public laboratories and innovative SMEs. It will develop and demonstrate new break-through
technologies for the civil aircraft market to cut aircraft emissions and noise, and secure the future international competitiveness of the European aviation industry. The new CS2 JTI is expected to start on 1 January 2014 and end in 2024. It will bring together Europe’s aeronautics industrial leaders and public research organisations.

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