Business Growth Fund – Find out more

Published on: 27th August 2013

With access to £2.5 billion, BGF can provide investments of £2-10m per funding round that can be used for acquisitions, working capital, R&D, capital investment, employing new staff or expanding overseas, ultimately taking the shackles off a business and helping it to grow.

  • BGF is different from other investors for the following reasons:
  • BGF only takes a minority stake and is not looking to take control of your business – BGF acts as a supportive partner allowing you to focus on running the business;
  • BGF can invest for the long term giving you the flexibility to make long term investment decisions in your business;
  • BGF has flexibility in the way investments are structured i.e. ordinary shares / loan notes;
  • BGF has no drag rights i.e. cannot force you to sell your company;
  • BGF has a focused due diligence process in order to minimise costs and distractions to your business; and
  • BGF can make available to you its internal resources in areas such as manufacturing, IT, HR and PR as required, as well as providing access to its Talent Network of over 2,000 experienced director-level contacts.

Further details on BGF are included in the attached summary.
BGF’s investment professionals have considerable experience of investing in growth-oriented companies, and with significant financial resources at its disposal it aims to support its portfolio companies over the long term helping them to refine strategy and achieve their goals.

If you are interested in hearing more about how BGF could help your business then please contact Ned Dorbin on 0117 327 0609 /